Why Algae?

Algae is the only biofuel feedstock that can truly take on oil.
Can produce oil yields more than 300x greater than competing feedstocks (gal/acre/year).
Grow exponentially and broadly conducive to industrial production.
Algae does not require fresh water for growth, helping preserve fresh water.
Production of algae biofuels and other energy from algae does not disrupt the food supply.
Algae or its residue from energy production can be processed into high value bioproducts, such as fish, animal and poultry feeds; organic fertilizers; and in cosmetics, dyes and other products, among other applications.
High energy algae-based fuels are compatible with existing processing, distribution, and transportation infrastructure.
Commercial potential to supply enough energy volume to meet global requirements.
Can grow in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.
Grows rapidly through the process of photosynthesis, requires H2O, CO2, nutrients and photons (sunlight) for the growth process to be complete:
Commercially grown algae requires a constant source of CO2. The more CO2 consumed by the algae the faster & fatter it will grow. The greater the growth, the more CO2 is utilized and not emitted to the atmosphere.
Lipids (oils)
Animal/Fish Feed
No Waste!
All products and
by-products have value.