HDS International Corp.

HDS International Corp. is a green technology company providing renewable energy and eco-sustainability solutions. Our novel intellectual property provides robust competitive advantages and attractive strategic positioning to our partners within the carbon capture, renewable energy, waste management and broader eco-sustainability markets. Our technologies address the most critical challenges facing our world promoting the advancement of society and a prosperous viable future.

CO2 Capture, Reutilization and Biosequestration
Our versatile carbon capture technologies can be used to capture CO2 directly from the flue gas stream with breakthrough efficiency and minimal energy requirements, allowing our customers to reduce costs. Our carbon reutilization and biosequestration technologies help our customers convert emissions liabilities into valuable assets. Read More>
Controlled-Environment Industrial Biomass Production

Energy, Waste Management and Anaerobic Digestion

March 7, 2014 - HDSI Announces Convertible Debt Funding

June 14, 2013 - HDSI Announces Financing Agreement and Awareness Consultant

January 3, 2013 - HDSI Announces Engagement of Business Development Consultant

December 19, 2012 - HDSI Announces Conversion of Debt into Equity

December 10, 2012 - HDSI Announces Expansion of Licensed Territory

December 4, 2012 - HDSI Announces Agreement with the City of Saint John, NB, Canada