Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

We are currently undertaking a feasability study for a potential industrial-scale project in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Saint John, NB is an ideal location for open-water algae biomass production coupled with anaerobic digestion to generate revenues from numerous output streams. We aim to scale our system in conjunction with several identified potential project partners.

Having identified a location in conjunction with the City of Saint John capable of supporting up to 5 MW electric power, HDS is leading a feasibility study for Lancaster with support from the City. The study aims to gather information to produce detailed budgetary data, define milestones and optimize the structure and risk/return profile fitting the project’s various constituents.

The envisioned project will consist of an anaerobic digester to draw biosolids and sludge directly from raw wastewater, which along with other biodegradable material, which will be processed to produce biogas, energy and other byproducts to generate revenue. The digester will conjointly reduce the City’s operating costs, upgrade its infrastructure and deliver significant benefits to the environment.

Unlike any other digester, the Saint John digester will incorporate HDS’ breakthrough CO2 capture and reutilization technologies to improve system efficiency and drive innovation.