About Us


Alexander Chirkov, Ph.D., M.D., is our Chief Scientific Officer and the inventor of our core proprietary technologies. Dr. Chirkov has more than 30 years of education and scientific research experience spanning both medical and biophysics fields, and has planned, developed and managed experimental and technological advancements in the field of bioenergy, specifically with biomass production. Dr. Chirkov was one of the first scientists who introduced the possibility of economically effective algae biomass production. His expertise includes energy balances of biological systems, from single-cell organisms to integrated ecological systems, and has specialised in biological energy transfer mechanisms and energy generation systems. His scientific network spans the globe and is a documented innovator in our field. Dr. Chirkov's specialisation on gas exchange mechanisms in relation to intra-cellular energy production yielded methodologies to control gas exchange for the growth of organisms in bioreactors or otherwise that are the basis of our controlled algae biomass production systems and other technologies.
Tassos D. Recachinas was appointed to our board of directors and elected as chief executive officer in August 2011, when he became our control shareholder. Mr. Recachinas is Managing Member of Sophis Investments LLC, an investment management and strategic advisory firm. Prior to forming Sophis, Mr. Recachinas served as an Investment Analyst at Pirate Capital LLC, a $2 billion activist/event-driven hedge fund. There, he worked directly alongside the portfolio manager and the management and boards of multiple-million to multiple-billion dollar companies spanning a broad array of industries to implement operational improvements, cost reductions, financial restructurings and other strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value. He previously served as Director of The Allied Defense Group, a multinational defense and security company, as well as a member of the board’s Strategic Review and Compensation committees. Mr. Recachinas began his career as an Equity Research Associate at Raymond James & Associates, where he provided institutional equity research coverage on defense and technology securities. He received a Bachelor of Science summa cum laude Mechanical Engineering from The George Washington University, ranking first in his concentration of aerospace engineering. He was also a member of its Honors Program, and spent one year studying engineering and economics at Oxford University in England.