CO2 Capture, Reutilization and Sequestration

Our versatile carbon capture technologies can be used to quickly and easily capture or separate CO2 directly from flue gas and waste emissions streams with breakthrough efficiency, low costs and minimal energy requirements. Based on our patented AlGelTM technologies, our carbon capture and biological fixation systems can be used to capture, scrub or separate significant volumes of carbon dioxide from other gas components and meaningfully decrease CO2 emissions output from industrial complexes such as utility companies, cement producers, and other carbon emitters, as well as from other natural sources of CO2 (such as natural gas fields).

Once captured by AlGelTM, the CO2 can be removed or otherwise provided to other applications where it can then be reutilized as appropriate. Significantly, AlGelTM can also be used to deliver CO2 in a controlled manner to the point of biomass growth—releasing the carbon dioxide only as it is needed to growing biomass, such as algae, on demand. The result is an efficient, closed loop carbon capture and bio-sequestration system with limitless commercial possibilities.

Simplicity and economical efficiency are two major advantages of utilizing AlGelTM for carbon capture, separation and reutilization, helping our customers convert emissions liabilities into valuable assets and enabling them to grow their businesses while reducing costs.